At Green Leaf Project we specialise in marketing and we genuinely get excited about getting your business more exposure.

There are a variety of platforms that are available and all are successful but some better than others, depending on the industry.

We don't believe in contracts where you have to check the fine print, we aim to impress you and even offer a trial option where you can decide after seeing the results. The amazing thing about online marketing is that the budget is not fixed so at any point that you want to increase, decrease or put your campaign on are able to do so.

Based on your industry, your budget and your end goal in mind, we can put together a proposal for you. We also monitor your results to see which platform works best and then we can adjust it accordingly.

Our options are as follows:

1. Marketing Analysis and Consulting:

This is where our expertise lies and the most fun for us. Whether your business is new or existing we analyse your entire business marketing strategy and see how things could be done better or more cost effectively with better results. We believe that in order to have the extra edge above your competitors, we need to think "outside the box" by implementing different and even unique ideas. 

Nowadays people either try to do marketing on their own or have lost a lot of money trusting a marketing company. We are proud of our results and success and we would love to share that with you and do the same for your business...Come Grow With Us! 

2. Bulk SMS

3. E-mail Newsletter Design and Distribution / Bulk E-mail

4. Social Media Marketing: Facebook - LinkedIn - Twitter - Google + - YouTube - Instagram - Pinterest

There is different options when it comes to social media marketing so you can decide which you prefer:

  A. We create the profile/s for you (company and not personal profiles)

  B. We can manage your page by posting on your behalf daily/weekly etc. 

  C. We use our creative juices when posting on your page so we don't keep nagging you for content

  D. We can handle your messages and respond to comments and send you the enquiries

  E. We offer targeted marketing so that new people who would be interested in your products or services, see your page.

  F. We offer LIVE social marketing of events or functions by combining our photography skills with our online skills.

There is a range of demographics that we can choose from such as age, gender, job title, location and interests etc.

5. Google AdWords: 

Research is done to see what people are searching for the most and at the lowest cost aka "cost per click" then those are linked to your website. If you search for a product or service on Google you will see the top 3 and side or bottom 4 listings with an "ad" block next to it, that is where your company website will show up. 

The results are monitored and adjusted to ensure you get the most value for your money. 

6. Search Engine Optimisation aka SEO:

This process is where your business is listed on the top search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo etc. It involves more than just keywords, each Search Engine has "rules" that your website needs to follow in order to get to be listed on the top when your product or service is searched for. These listings are underneath the Google AdWords results and your website needs constant work to stay on top of the list, ahead of your competitors.

7. Content Writing

A lot of our clients are too busy to handle their marketing and think of creative writing for their documents, website or marketing material so we can assist with that too.

8. Idea Box

If you are thinking of starting a business but hit a blank for the rest, we are here to help. We can come up with creative ideas, company name ideas, slogan ideas and more. This shouldn't be stopping you from living your dream and growing your business so let us assist.