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Get an accurate and in-depth valuation by our team of Sworn Appraisers who operate throughout South Africa.


A much quicker method of selling property with a database of verified buyers and majority of properties are still in great condition.


We assist you in buying and selling property, with the added benefit of expert valuers on our team to ensure that the price is right.


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Our team have been doing property for over 40 years, they know what works..

International Methods

The methods used are internationally recognised valuation methods.

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Over the years we’ve built up a large database of buyers and sellers.


By being part of a marketing company, you get the most exposure as a seller.



Our team values properties with a total market value of over R500 million (approximately US $50 000) annually. These properties include Shopping Centres, Agricultural Properties, Residential Properties, Non-Residential and Bare Dominium.

We make use of scientific methods instead of forecasting when it comes to accurate appraisals. These methods are the same as used by the rigorous surveying of market rental levels and capitalization rates to ensure uniform and realistic market valuations in South Africa. Our approach avoids subjectivity by using capitalization-rate estimates based on regression models and techniques as well as the opportunity cash-flow (OCF) method. In conclusion, we combine capitalization and discounting.      

capitalization-rate estimates

The development of regression models to estimate the standard capitalisation rates of office and industrial properties and more recently, shopping centres

House Valuations

The Comparable Market Sales method and application of multiple-regression techniques to value houses in all regions across South Africa.

opportunity cash flow method

This method is used for determining the market value of income-producing properties, using a combination of capitalisation and discounting methods and it incorporates the difference between contractual and open-market rentals, quantified by means of the OCF.

Portfolio of valuation services

Shopping Centres
Development Projects
Agricultural Property Valuations
Commercial and Industrial Valuations
Bare Dominium
Fixed and Loose Asset Valuations
Estate Late Assessments
Insurance Valuations
Rental Valuations

Valuation of all types of assets

Mortgage Finance
Financial Reporting
Legal Disputes
Property Portfolio Owners

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