Build solutions with
advanced feature sets

Our library of robust features include mobile shopping carts, loyalty programs, booking systems, reservations systems and much more.
When you compliment this with one of the most powerful push notifications systems in the world, you can help businesses increase
revenue, reduce costs and improve customer engagement.

Advanced Loyalty

Offer businesses an in-app version of a traditional stamp card to encourage repeat business.

Customer Reviews

You can help businesses with their online reputation and get them to the top of search results.

Mobile Commerce

Provide restaurants with a simple and effective way to take orders via their own mobile app.

Push Notifications

Your clients can send out timely messages and offers that popup on a customers’ mobile device.

Reservation Systems

Help your clients increase bookings and reserve slots with our built-in booking system.

Events Promotion

Businesses can engage users with easy event promotion and sharing on social media.


Enable music services, videos, photos and other multi-media services.


Integrate with third-party services such as MailChimp, to streamline processes.

And Much More…

Businesses can engage users with easy event promotion with sharing on social media.



You can help businesses generate sales and improve customer retention with our advanced push notification system.

Drive extra walk-in traffic and increase customer engagement. Your clients can send laser targeted messages that pop on mobile devices.

Send notifications to specific users based on their exact location. Great for multi-location businesses who want to target a
specific area.

Setup a virtual perimeter on a map and automatically send messages to users when they enter this area. Great for
passing traffic.



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