Specialised and personalised
graphic design services

Graphic design is where creativity lives and breathes at Green Leaf Project for small to large projects. Let our team of
talented designers bring your ideas to life for your corporate identity as well as printing and branding requirements.

Corporate Identity

Every business has an identity and it is created by starting off with a logo design and from there incorporating that logo design into the rest of the identity such as your letterhead, documentation, signature and extended to everything that you print or brand.

When designing a logo and conceptualising your identity, other factors are taken into account such as a standard font for the logo and all other items. The colours of your logo design and corporate identity are crucial as each colour has a specific CMYK colour code that must be used throughout all designs, printing and branding to ensure that your identity is always constant and professional. Let us guide you on that journey and assist you with all your graphic design requirements.

When designing your logo we also take into account the psychology of colours and we see which would benefit most for your industry.

Printing, Branding and Displays

Green Leaf Project offers many business services so you can be assured that your corporate identity will be a positive one and in all necessary formats for printing or branding.

When preparing graphic designs for printing, branding and displays each has a specific format and procedure to ensure that the end result is top quality. Our design team are able to create mock-ups for your to view before your orders go into production so you can get a clear vision of what the outcome will be.

The production team work closely with the design team through the entire process so that each order is completed to your satisfaction.

Digital Marketing

Our marketing team work hand-in-hand with the design team as there are a number of online platforms that are used and each have specific requirements for the designs to follow.

These designs include electronic newsletters, company profiles, catalogues, brochures, social media marketing, blogs, website design, price lists etc. Being a business that is multi-faceted, we have the advantage of each team member having knowledge of every division as they all work well together.

Come Grow With Us! Feel free to contact us for examples of the work that we have done.



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